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I really didn’t want to post a review today, but I can’t contain¬† myself. I wanted to tell people about the film I saw a few hours ago.

The end of the trilogy. The last film of the Nolan era of Batman. The Dark Knight Rises.

Expectations on this film has been so high mostly because the last one has been regarded as a modern classic.

Fortunately this last film satisfied… No… Exceeded… Not even… Simply put, this movie blew me away. The Dark Knight was put on a pedestal, and this threequel can be placed beside that.

Christopher Nolan created the best trilogy film has ever seen.

While I don’t think anyone can top Heath Ledger’s Oscar winning tune as the Joker, the entire cast proved they are worthy of their roles. Most notable is Anne Hathaway’s Catwoman. She’s no longer just a sex kitten that heats up the screen, she is a formidable character who will do just about anything to get what she wants.

I also loved the story. Not only does it follow the continuity, this film is actually the only film that resembles what happened in the comics. It was great to see the iconic backbreaking scene from Knightfall (correct me if I’m wrong on this one).

Even the twist in the end was something that fans of the comic book will truly appreciate.

I understand the critiques about this movie. They came mostly from non-readers. The twist may even be something that came from nowhere, specially if you did not see the first film. But for a comic geek like me, this was the perfect fan service a film creator would give to his loyalists.

Christopher Nolan achieved what some thought was impossible.

He made a comic book film relevant.

RATING: 10 out of 10 stars..


So, like a true fanboy, last Friday I saw myself lining up to see the re-interpretation of one of the best super heroes of Marvel Comics. The Amazing Spider-man.

The Kid was late and I didn’t want to miss the trailers so I didn’t wait for him anymore. I left his ticket with the concierge and went inside the cinema. I know, I’m such a sweet boyfriend.

Anyway, so the film starts with Peter Parker as a kid, his parents about to leave him because of something terrible that happened in Richard’s home office. Someone wants to get a copy of one of the scientist’s designs. And so begins the journey of Peter Parker.

I say Peter Parker, because this is mostly his story. I don’t think we’ll see Spider-man himself until I guess the second half of the film. This is a true origin story that’s firmly rooted to his comic book origins.

If there’s something I really like about Spidey’s latest film is that it’s true to the comics. Peter Parker was never buff, he was lanky and thin. Mary Jane was never Peter’s first love. It was Gwen Stacey. He didn’t really have organic webbings that come out of his wrists, he created his own web shooters. And a lot of his first adventures often brought mayhem to his high school Midtown High. That was so Stan-Lee-old-school-comics adaptation.

That’s what Marc Webb got right on this film.

Unfortunately, The Amazing Spider-man is not a perfect movie. Well, I guess if I’m a teenaged girl who’s a fan of forbidden love and whatever emo shit that Twilight made infamous, then this would be a perfect movie.

It’s sad that this film is catering to a specific crowd and not everybody. I went to this film expecting a lot of action that is standard for any comic book adaptations, but that’s what was sorely lacking from this film. I think overall there were just two or three action scenes from this film, and all of them were pretty short. I do however loved that Midtown High fight scene between Spidey and The Lizard. That was taken straight from the pages of the classic Spider-man comics.

Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone were perfect for this film. There’s chemistry there. It’s obvious that they are in love with each other. That resonates really loudly watching the movie. I hate that there are Emma Stone haters in the cinema. She’s hot! She’s like Lindsay Lohan if she didn’t spiral into drug abuse and drunk driving. Red hair may suit her better, but she is hot. The little touches of 500 Days of Summer is appreciated, but that’s the thing.

This is not a rom com. This is a COMIC BOOK FILM!

Again, I didn’t hate this film. It’s not bad. It’s actually very good. It just lacked some testosterone.


RATING: 7 out of 10 stars