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James Bond’s movie life turned 50 this year and they celebrate it by making one of the best films in the series. Yeah, they did screw up the continuity of the franchise but who the heck cares.

Daniel Craig’s third outing as the slick double O agent has been a bit shaky. Casino Royale is just brilliant and still stands as the best in it’s 50 year history. On the other hand, Quantum of Solace is still waiting on my hard drive to be finished. Fortunately, the third film came back better than ever.

Casino Royale reset the world of Bond the best way that I can think of. And it still continues here. We meet familiar names for the first time and say hello to new ones as well.

When you haveSam Mendes helming the film, where do you go wrong? He is one of the most skilled storyteller in Hollywood for some time now. I haven’t really seen any of his other works after the brilliant American Beauty and Road to Perdition, but this has been an awesome comeback film for him. I love his style. It’s slick, it does not falter and it just flows brilliantly. The action scenes may not reach the highs of prior Bond films, but it makes the Bond universe more grounded. More realistic. Better.

And the cinematography. Wow! From the streets of Turkey, to the high rise towers of Shanghai, that casino in Macau, to London and finally that lone mansion in Scotland, I’ve never seen the world as beautiful as these breathtaking shots have made them.

When you got everything else stepping up, it’s great that the actors were able to step up their game for this film too. But when you’ve got names like Ralph Fiennes, Judi Dench, Albert Finney, Javier Bardem and Daniel Craig on your cast, you know you have to do well. I especially love Bardem’s Agent Silver. The gay innuendos on his first scene with Bond was the highlight of the film for me. Perfect blend of great writing and acting.

I don’t really have anything bad to say about this film as I think it’s totally brilliant. It may turn off some continuity geeks, in the way that it screwed Pierce Brosnan’s Bond. But when you’re watching a great movie, you wouldn’t really care at all.

Heck, simpletons may not even think that the end of the film has any effect in the continuity at all..

RATING: 9.5 out of 10 stars