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IGN recently released their list of the Top 100 Games of the Generation. The list of the best 100 games of the last generation of video game consoles (XBox360, PS3 and Wii).

I have to admit that I was not able to play them all, but for the most part I am familiar with a lot of the triple A games of the last 8 years. So with that, let me list down my Top 5 favorite games of the last generation.

I don’t have a Wii so I’m sorry if there won’t be any Wii games included on this list.


5 Fallout 3    

Bethesda has perfected the first person open world RPG. One would argue that their best outing was in Skyrim, and that is not a false claim. But I say that they would not have been able to do so, if they did not perfect Fallout. This in my opinion is where everything started to come together for the developer. It had a tight gameplay, breathtaking visuals and a gripping story. I loved walking around post apocalyptic Washington DC.There are literally hundreds of things to do. This was a revolutionary game for the last generation and just gave us a glimpse of what is possible in gaming for the Xbox 360 and PS3 generation.


mass effect

4 Mass Effect Trilogy

When I found out that your saved game from the first Mass Effect would have an effect on your gameplay for the sequel, my jaw dropped. Can you do that? Is it possible in gaming. I think it was the first time I have ever heard of such a thing. That is how I got invested in the whole Mass Effect Trilogy. I stuck with my Commander Shephard from beginning to the end. I re-played the game just to get the best endings. In Mass Effect 2, half of my crew got massacred, so I played it again until I got everyone out of the game safely. This was the game I replayed the most. It had a wonderful story. Great gameplay. Awe-inspiring graphics. Superb voice acting. And towards the end of Mass Effect 3, my Shephard got to make love with Kaiden Alenko, my video game crush. Gay sex!!! You don’t get to do that in video games.


3 Red Dead Redemption

Rockstar Games. What can I say? They are the industry’s best sandbox games developer. Grand Theft Auto is possibly the most successful franchise in the history of video games.They are controversial, but they never fail to deliver what is expected from them. While they’re mostly known for the GTA series, their best work came in another franchise. Red Dead Redemption. This game will always be etched in my mind as this was the game I was playing when I got the love of my life. But beyond that, Red Dead was a revolutionary game. It had a tragic story, a great and twisted cast and a wide array of activities to keep you away from the real world for more than a hundred hours. Heck, I’m happy just looking at the sunset atop of a cliff. That alone was worth the price of the game.


2 Uncharted Series

I don’t think there’s any action game, current or last gen that can top Uncharted. Set piece after set piece, playing this game is like being in a very expensive and elaborate action film.  Developed by Naughty Dog, Uncharted quickly became Playstation’s flagship game. Playstation 3 became the must have console because of this title. And why shouldn’t it. This is a sophisticated action game that had a great story. The cast has great chemistry. It’s got breathtaking action sequences and just playing as Nathan Drake is beyond exhilirating. The thing here though is that, this is not Naughty Dog’s best game.


1 The Last Of Us

This is the game that closed the last generation, and Sony saved the best for last. This is Naughty Dog’s best game ever. This game pushed the system of the PS4 to it’s limits. Graphics wise, this is the most beautiful I have seen for a console game. Story wise, The Last of Us went beyond the conventional storytelling and gave us something deep to think of whether it’s the conclusion or the decisions that all of the characters had to make. Blurring the line of morality has been done before, but this is the game that makes you think about it even more. Gameplay is perfect, stealth, crafting, shooting have never been perfected in a horror/action game. 90% of the praise this game is getting is due to it’s story, but it is well deserved. This is the most poignant, deepest, most engaging story a game could ever get. It is now an art form. And if this is what we should expect for the current generation of consoles, then bring it on!!!


What’s your game of the last generation?