The Games Review 2015

We are now halfway through 2015, so it’s about time I do a quick review of the huge games that came out during the first six months of the year. So it’s sort of my Game of the Year Watch.

The melee system is simple

The Order 1886

This is certainly the most beautiful game to come out of the next gen console. The graphics is unbelievably breathtaking, very detailed and definitely pushes the latest console hardware. Too bad gameplay and story was sacrificed to make this game pretty. It’s technically not a bad game, but it was incredibly short. This was a game that ended just when the story started to become interesting.  I guess the developers of this game (Ready At Dawn) wanted this to have been more of a cinematic experience more than a gaming experience. Everything about the gameplay was standard, the shooting, the stealth but it was really linear. It’s more go here, movie, fight, movie, go there. It is about a Victorian London set tale with Order Knights derived from King Arthur lore protecting London from werewolves and insurgents. Plot-wise, it was very predictable. It is a game that has a lot going for it, but unfortunately wasn’t executed very well. Hopefully, the sequel will improve on everything that 1886 is lacking.



From Software’s first game for this generation’s console is probably their best outing. It is practically a Souls game, only it’s faster and it strips you of a shield. It’s definitely a challenging game. It’s going to kill you hundreds of times. It’s obviously frustrating and during your first play, you’ll probably want to quit and break your copy of the game. But… if you’re patient. If you study how to beat your enemies… and you farm the shit out of those villagers… Eventually you’ll become smart and strong enough to sweep the floor with your enemies. And I’m telling you, it’s the most satisfying thing you’ll do in your life. This is a game that’s not for everybody. Unless you’re patient enough to read the game’s lore, you will definitely get lost in the story. Just to reiterate, this game will kill you again and again and again and again and again… and again. If this was another game, I would have already quit on the first area with the horde of cursed villagers. And that’s the same level where probably 75 percent of those who bought this game where they said this game is not for them. But once you get through that… Once you understand why that part was created that way… you will realize that Bloodborne is not that hard at all.


The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

If you ask me, this is right now my Game Of The Year. The closing chapter of Witcher Geralt of Rivia is the best RPG of this console generation. Wild Hunt is HUGE!!! As in 200 hours long huge (that is if you want to play all the missions and side quests of course). Geralt of Rivia is looking for his lover and surrogate daughter and during the course of his search encounters monsters, kings, witches, wife beaters and all manners of characters that will make you not want to go out and have a real life anymore. Your choices in this game have real consequences. One day, you think you’re saving children, the next day you find out you slaughtered and entire village and caused a woman to become an orphan. You take contracts. You play gwent (which for me is probably more addicting than the game itself). And then one moment, while you’re sailing through a river, you realize the sunset on this game looks more beautiful than the actual sunset you see outside your window. Developer CD Projekt Red created a true masterpiece with this game.

So these are just some of the big games I have that’s come out this year.

Maybe on my next post, I’ll review Mortal Kombat X, Elder Scrolls Online, Arkham Knight and Metal Gear V: Phantom Pain.

(Images: From Crave Online)


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